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draft Harper.jpg
draft Harper.jpg

Our inspiration to create

comes from these principles

which influence our

architecture and engineering.

These seven sealing

techniques were meant for

each other; they form an

integrated system that drives

our thought process as we

design buildings today.

We Invite you to explore them below.

"A thought precedes every action."

With enough concentration, it might

be possible for one to manifest

whatever they want in their lives

through sheer willpower and desire!

draft Harper5.jpg






The idea that what you think becomes

reality has been around for a long

time. It's found in ancient Greece,

where Hermes coined the phrase

"οδεύς μνἠμα σιγήσηται" which

translates to mean - “the mind’s

dwelling place is its heaven." The

quote goes on explain how different

planes of existence are connected by

energies higher or lower than them.

GloGreen's creative design studio has

the power to turn any idea into reality!

We start with an innovative thought,

then work together in committees for

months on end until we get it just

right--and our clients love us because

of this process.

Matter, energy and even spirit are

simply varying rates of vibration. From

the stillness that exists at 0Hz to our

world’s ever-changing environment

which is constantly being created as

we speak; nothing rests - everything

moves –everything vibrates!

We're committed to designing green

buildings that are sustainable, attentive

and inspiring. Our team has an eye for

detail when it comes not just what you

see on the outside but also how your

building will affect its surroundings

which requires us 100% observant

of all things eco in order create low

impact structures.

We know design isn't only about looksour

goal is always towards creating

something worth living space; both

inside these walls as well as out front

where people can enjoy the natural

beauty every day.







Life is a balancing act. In order to have

any meaning, everything in this world

must have an opposite function and

polarity- like light vs dark or hot

temperatures against cold ones! There

are no set rules for living; each person

finds their own way by considering both

sides of every situation before making

decisions that will shape your future life


GloGreen has always been about living

in the moment, not getting stuck on

complications. Life is an adventure so

there are no rules for how to do it--just

be creative and find ways around or

through whatever obstacles come your way.

Between the opposing poles, there exists an inherent rhythm. The tides move in and out; we inhale and exhale just like everything else does. Understanding this truth allows us to recognize our life's natural cycles as well--and those of nature itself: seasons come round once again.

Mental stamina is what you need to keep up with the fast-paced and ever changing world around us. It means being  able not just think outside of traditional boxes, but also inside them as well! You have got go beyond thinking about how something looks on its surface or where it's located - mental tranquility requires considering all different aspects from conception until fruition so that we can recognize lower vibrations feel them And transmute these feelings into a more positive one. As mental stamina architects, It takes

quite an enquiring mindset for this kind of work.

draft Harper4.jpg





Cause & Effect

The world is one big system of cause and

effect. You may not be able to see it, but

everything in your life arises as a result of

something else that happened before or

during the moment when you decided on

this course for yourself—to take action

instead of remaining passive like an

audience member watching their own

movie screen play out without being able

change anything about them except what

happens next scene-afterwards

It is a rare privilege to be able watch your

words and actions affect change. The

power of the written or spoken word can

reach generations, so we must use it


We are not only responsible for what

goes on inside our heads - We also have

an impact outside them!

Though the physical world is only one

aspect of creation, it's important to

understand that both masculine and

feminine energy exist on an infinite

number of planes. When these two forces

are in balance they can work together for

maximum effect - which helps you apply

all principles more effectively than if

either gender were out of balanced with

their counterpart.

We are always looking for that perfect

mix of male and female talent. It's not

easy to find, but we've found it here at

our company! There is an abundance or

both genders in every department which

allows us the opportunity do great things

together as one team

Our work place environment exudes

gender balance which enables success

on many levels.

draft Harper3.jpg


Gender Balance

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