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Big Ideas

GloGreen founded in Los Angeles, California in 2016 is a team headed by Angelo Farruggia and Chimi Kadiya. Together they bring an abundance of insight and experience coupled with trending European flair and styles as well as energy efficient building techniques.

From design conception to entitlements and permitting to construction, GloGreen is a one-stop shop. With an internal team of architects, engineers, and contractors, the GloGreen team is able to efficiently streamline the process of development mitigating cost and schedule exposure.


With an ingrained commitment to environmental responsibility, GloGreens ‘out-of-the box’ mindset in conjunction with innovative technology and software, they are able to optimize the building footprint with its components to be harmonious with the local environment. GloGreen’s commitment revolves around these basic principles:

  • Integration of sustainability all throughout company operations

  • Encouraging every client and building partner to consider sustainable building practices

  • Continuing research and development in viable green building solutions

  • Constant education and training of employees providing them with the tools to lead the way


This wholehearted belief and approach benefits not only the clients, but also the community and partners. We are a team of builders and designers working to create sustainable, energy efficient homes. We believe in the circular economy where resources are reused and never wasted. When we design our buildings for this future, we will be designing with respect for all life, including human beings.

Vertical Team

Our team consists of Architects, Interior Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Sustainability Consultants and Real Estate Development Experts.


From the initiation phase we offer an extensive knowledge base of green building materials and solutions that exceed LEED Platinum standards.

We combine this cutting-edge building techniques to help our clients reach their desired level of sustainability and energy efficiency.


We pride ourselves on taking on the most complex challenges and pioneer innovative solutions that push the limits of what's possible.

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